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2011-10-24 01:13:02 by poptarts47

i haven't been working in a while due to piles of material from school!! however i just bought Eastwest Quantum Leap composers Collection its amazing and i should be submitting something in a little but dont hold your breath. unless you can hold it for 1 month and 27 days than that's just UNGODLY!!! impressive. XD



2011-08-04 23:36:56 by poptarts47

california was fucking amazing, we saw the redwoods, the beaches, ate at almost every restaurant, saw hollywood beaulavard, and we saw Julian Mcmahon!!! fucking awesome oh and palm trees lots and lots of palm trees


2011-07-04 14:54:31 by poptarts47

schools a gash!!! :(

salutations !!!!!

2011-04-15 15:40:31 by poptarts47

i will be posting a different version of my the sweet scent, with added parts, due to suggestions. look back in a couple of weeks for an update. thanks!!!!!!!


2011-03-03 12:17:37 by poptarts47

i was on the computer for like 18 hours yesterday cause i was working on a soundtrack for a freinds video game :O

HEY!!!!!!! :)

2010-05-27 01:50:14 by poptarts47

hey havent been submitting lately cause school has been a bitch and im working on a new piece thats been 3 months in the making be back with more stuff soon.